Frequently Asked Questions:

You don’t. We do not offer press passes.

Seems like thousands of people have filmed or taped something at the CW Show over the years. Just google search “Cinema Wasteland” to find more CW footage than you’ll ever care to watch.
But, we run a fan show and 99% of what is filmed at a CW Show is by the fans who attend the show. We don’t really care what you film at the show. All we ask is that you give credit where credit is due should whatever you film wind up on something like a documentary, DVD extra, or as an indy film project.

Here are the basic rules of filming and/or taping anything at the CW Show.

1. - Anyone filming or taping something at the show must buy a pass into the show for everyone involved in whatever your project is. We’re never going to see a dime from what you shoot, so this is a no brainer and the least we can ask of you.
2. - We won’t line up interviews with our guests for you.
3. - You can not set up a camera or tripod inside the Guest and Vendor Room in front of somebodies tables or in an aisle way.
4. - We take over the entire hotel, so we don’t have any special area available for you to conduct interviews that we are not using for the show itself. Most people looking for interviews rent a room, dress it up a little and conduct the interviews there where it’s usually quiet.
5. - Ultimately, it is entirely up to the CW Promoters as to who we let film at our show. We’re easy and love to see our attending fans having a great time, but the truth of the matter is that we reserve the right to toss you out at any time for any reason we see fit without question.

Your movie or short film needs to be 100% finished before we’ll consider screening it.
The film you submit can't be older than a year or so old or already have DVD or cable TV distribution since we're basically trying to help independent filmmakers get the word out about their films to our attending fans.
When your movie or short film is completely finished, just 
send us off a DVD screener to watch and consider.
(To keep thing simple at the show NO Blu-ray or VHS - Also we won’t watch a “link” on the computer since we can’t screen a “link” on the computer at the show itself.)

Make sure you include contact information so we can get back to you if we do decide to screen your short or feature, and patiently wait to see if we get back to you. It’s that easy.
Since we’ve always supported the independent filmmaker, we don’t do things like your average every day film festival does things. Namely, we don’t charge to screen your movie or short film and just take your money and run whatever somebody sends us. We simply watch everything that is sent to us and fit as many indy films into the weekend schedule that we can squeeze in around all the other guest related movies and events that we normally cram into a Wasteland Weekend.
We do keep film submissions for up to one year’s time so if we don’t screen your film or short one show, it very well could make the next show. We do watch and tend to enjoy everything we receive but please don’t take it personally if we don’t screen your submission. Chances are it just didn’t make it into the weekend schedule because we received way too many submissions in a short amount of time and/or had more films that fit a certain theme that matches the weekend we’re currently running.
Because we don’t charge to screen your film or short, a screening does not come with free passes into the show. A pass into the CW Show however is much cheaper than any film festival submission prices.
The submission cut off date for any given CW Show is two months before the event so we have time to watch and review everything we receive. We review all submissions by their post mark date, so anything received after the cut off date will only be included if we have screening time to fill.


There is NO SMOKING in the convention hotel. It’s a state law, so you’ll have to head outside to the smoking area.

FOOD, and DRINK (including drinks from the bar) are allowed in the Film, Video and Guest Speaking Rooms. If you’re old enough to drink responsibly and realize that we’ll toss your drunk ass out if you get out of hand, then please feel free to enjoy our events, guest talks, films, and videos all weekend long with your favorite alcoholic beverage. It is however, a good idea to limit food and drinks in the Dealer and Guest Room.

PLEASE pick up after yourselves. Don’t leave half eaten food or empty bottles and glasses laying on the floor in the Guest or Movie Rooms. Toss your trash in the provided garbage cans and pick up your empty glasses and put them on an empty table or take `em back to the bar so nobody kicks them around.

VANDALISM or destruction to the hotel or convention areas will not be tolerated and offenders will be made to pay for damages and/or find themselves prosecuted by the hotel. The fastest way any CW fan can earn a lifetime pass into future shows is to rat out any vandalism or destruction you may witness so we catch them in the act.

There are NO OUTSIDE SALES PERMITTED at a CW Show. If you don’t have a table in our Vendor and Guest Room, then you can not sell merchandise at the show. If we catch you, violators will be booted out of the show.
Can’t afford to buy a pass into the show? Then to put is as kindly as possible: Stay Home.

IF YOU DON’T BUY A PASS INTO THE SHOW, THEN STAY HOME! If you don’t plan on purchasing a single day wrist band or three day pass to the show, then there is absolutely zero reason to make the drive or show up at the hotel as you will be asked to leave. CW regulars tell us all the time that they do not want you around and we can certainly see why they feel that way because we don’t really want you there either.

The promoters of Cinema Wasteland don’t care one way or another if you carry a camera, camcorder or a digital video camera around the show with you, but we would advise that you get the permission of any Cinema Wasteland Attendee or Guest BEFORE you begin taping or filming them. Any footage you take at a Cinema Wasteland event must be kept for PERSONAL USE ONLY unless you clear it with the Cinema Wasteland promoters, get permission to use the footage, and give us credit as to where you shot it.

Have Fun! This show is after all, run by fans, for fans.

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